The final HS1 show was a collaboration between mentors and mentees held at Objectspace in Auckland, New Zealand. For images click here 

June 15 – July 20, 2013


The theme of this show was based on a 1mtr square board. The board could creatively be used by each collaborative party.  There was a real mixture in the use of each square board. The 1mtr square board:

  • was cut, gold clad, taken on location, worn and photographed (JhanaMiller and Suska Mackert),
  • was used as ceiling support to string the collaboration from (Neke Moa and Karl Fritsch),
  • displayed the result of an “interpretative” project (Sharon Fitness and Lisa Walker),
  • was used for process documentation that supported the work (Becky Bliss and Fabrizio Tridenti),
  • showed the results of a process (Sarah Read and Iris Eichenberg),
  • was mixed with work from both practices (Lynsay Raine and Andrea Wagner),
  • showed one conceptual work (Jessica Winchcombe and Warwick Freeman),
  • hold on both sides work from both practices (Debby Adamson and Hanna Hedman | Nadene Carr and Lucy Sarneel | Gillian Deery and Estela Saez),
  • was used to expand process-driven collaborative objects from (Kristin Dagostino and Judy Darragh)
  • was used to hold printed email conversations who were manipulated into paper objects (Sam Kelly and Octavia Cook).

Images: https://handshakejewellery.com/2013/06/19/handshake-at-objectspace-in-pictures/


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