About Lucy

It is with great excitement that my mentor is Lucy Sarneel. During my years of study Lucy’s work was a constant source of visual and contextual information, so to have her as my mentor is thrilling.

I came upon Lucy when looking at key words –  elegance, classic, nature and history. The further I read the more I was engaged about her work.

Lucy Sarneel, Brooch, 2006
Lucy Sarneel
Brooch: Untitled 2006
zinc, antique textile on rubber, wood

Lucy was born in Masstricht, the Netherlands. She studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam from 1985 to 1989. What instantly appealed to me was the use of materials that Lucy uses, textiles, found objects, zinc, shells etc. By bringing entirely unrelated things into dialogue looks effortless. Objects rich in history that are saturated in references. Materials that are an alternate time line give a subtle movement or exaggerated seductive nature to captivate the viewer. Lucy manages to make  beautiful jewellery so expertly rich in culture, history and skill.

Lucy Sarneel, Necklace, 2002
Lucy Sarneel
Necklace: Zeebauw 2002
zinc, shells filled up with epoxy, textile, silver, thread

I suppose out of the mentorship for me I would like a bit of this to rub of. To extend my practice is something I constantly crave to do. To have someone of this caliber to offer advise and critical thought can only challenge my work for the better.

Lucy Sarneel, Necklace, 2004
Lucy Sarneel
Necklace: Lola 2004
zinc, wood (from an old washing-up brush), gold, nylon thread, paint



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