Archive of HANDSHAKE articles, publications, and videos

HS1 project has recently come to an end, but for all those who couldn’t make it to the final show at Objectspace in June 2013 the See Here  is showing samples of work from five Wellington participants over a 4 week period from 19 August 2013. Some of the works are the collaborations from the Objectspace show, while others are from earlier on in the project. Exhibitions will be rotating every 6 days.   See  that work of the Wellington Handshakers via this link:

Peter Deckers’ keynote address at the JMGA conference in Brisbane (Participation and Exchange) 12 – 14 July 2013:Interactive Partners – peter deckers

The art jewelry community is a tight knit group. So why not make it even smaller?…..      read more: (includes photos of the collaboration work from Andrea Wagner and Lyndsay Raine)

Peter Deckers Schmuck trip 2014 feedback: Pilgrimage to Munich, ArtNews article

ArtNews NZ

Watch the PledgeMe video

June 2013 – you can hear a report on the collaboration project on RadioNZ: Arts on Sunday. with interviews of Sharon Fitness and Lisa Walker

You can read about the Handshake Project pre and post Munich in these issues of Overview: snakeview#11-FEB13 and overview-12 APR2013 thanks to The Jewellers Guild of Greater Sandringham.

February 2012  the big idea by Mark Amery

February 2012 Lisa Walker on National Radio with Kim Hill

Wellington Scoop

NZ jewellers shake hands with overseas idols: news wire

Kiwi jeweller hand in hand with her hero:news wire

Klimt02: HANDSHAKE Sydney exhibition

Interview with jeweller Jessica Winchcombe about HANDSHAKE.

The Needle Files blog post by UK jeweller, writer and lecturer

Studio 20/17: HandShake sneak peak ,  opening, Jessica Winchombe artist talk: Interview with jeweller Jessica Winchcombe about HandShake

The Vine:   news, music, fashion and videos.        “Contemporary jewellery design is a beautiful but strange beast. It’s not quite fashion, not quite sculpture, not quite object design, but it often crosses over into all three; it is hard to define. While this is often its attraction, it also makes for a confusing and vague pathway for young designers hoping to forge a career in the industry. Unlike fashion, which maintains the runway event as a platform to showcase the work of designers, be they established or emerging, the opportunities for jewellery designers are not so readily apparent….”


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