About Nadene

I graduated from MSVA in 2009 with a BVA.  I have been very busy with group exhibitions and building up my practice.

Necklace 2010, powder coated copper, retro fabric, found materials

I have been lucky to be involved with a group of Auckland jewellers. This has helped so much with meeting and talking about our work and what’s on. Learning not to take yourself to seriously.

Brooch 2010, powder coated copper, retro fabric, found objects

In my work I am interested in two forms of adornment,- garment and jewellery. My curiosity lies in the crossover of the two and how close they come to each other, and what happens in the exchange. The metal gives a sense of traditional jewellery. Using it as framework for the underlying structure in which i push through fabric embedded with objects to add a sculptural dimension. Fabric embodies a piece of history, often a favorite garment has memories adding another layer. By recycling it into another form of simple beauty and detail allows a connection physically and emotionally to the wearer.

Necklace 2010, powder coated copper, retro material, found objects

The mentorship that Peter Deckers created is a fantastic idea. I’m so excited about it, I feel it will really extend my practice. For me, making is always about a journey of constant learning.




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