About Becky Bliss

I am fascinated with things you can’t see but have a sense of; the space left behind, the remnants of life.

There’s a neat little word that sums it up – palimpsest – nothing is ever completely erased, we are enriched by what has come before.

That we all leave a trace. We might move on, but there’s a part of us left behind, whether a memory, a thing, a photograph, a gene etc, creating a new layer.

This formed the basis of my final work for graduation at Whitireia in 2010.   I plan to continue this research for the Handshake project.

Brooch: Palimpsest 1-1 Plaster resin, resin, copper, paint, steel, stainless steel

Brooch: Palimpsest 1-3 Plaster resin, silver, paint, stainless steel, urethane


Left - Palimpsest 2-2 Plaster resin, silver, urethane, paint Palimpsest 2-4 Plaster resin, silver, resin, steel




1 Response to About Becky Bliss

  1. Milla khmel says:

    Thank you, Becky! Exciting pieces, elegant and precious. Give me a lot of allegory. Milla

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