About Neke

Ko Heipipi te Maunga.  Ko Waiohinganga te Awa.  Ko Takitimu te Waka.  Ko Ngati Kahungunu te Iwi Matua.  Ko Ngati Matepuu me Ngati Whakaari nga hapu.  Ko Petane te Marae. Ko Neke Moa  ahau.  TIHEI MAURIORA!

From Aotearoa..

The love of home and all things here! Aotearoa. I am inspired by the everyday mundane, awe inspiring natural environment and moved to action and reaction politically, culturally and socially.

I have spent many years at Whitireia Polytechnic as a Student and occasional tutor.  A place with an incredible amount of inspirational artists, tutors and mentors.  It has provided a strong and enduring foundation in contemporary jewellery,  skill base and ensured future exploration and development.

I stepped out from under the wing of institution in 2007 and headed off into my own work practice. ( I have had the constant support of my peers and tutors along this road they are only ever an email or phone call away so not that lonely and desperate!)  Set up my workshop in Upper Hutt and have made work for exhibitions, galleries and commissions.

As far as materials are concerned I believe in renewable resources, sourcing locally and ethical meterials.  I am drawn energetically to Pounamu and have worked the stone for over 12 years it continues to push and pull me in all directions, inspiring and frustrating.  The power of the stone itself, its intrinsic qualities, metaphysical and physical and its historical and cultural strength as Taonga for all.

I sit here in my ‘position’ as artist to inform, educate, inspire, reflect, extract, stimulate, confront and create dialogue.  Contemporary jewellery is my medium, adornment..(with the body in mind)..objects definitely.

Ahakoa he iti, he Pounamu









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