About Fabrizio Tridenti

Fabrizio Tridenti is an Italian jeweler. He graduated from Istitudo Statale d’Arte, Penne, in Metals and Jewelry Design. He has had a couple of apprenticeships in Italy until he opened his own studio in Pescara in 1993.

He’s had many awards and residences, has his work in many private collections, and has a list of exhibitions as long as your arm. He is in many books, the latest being Dreaming Jewelry, published in 201

Brooch: Restricted area 2008 Brass, iron wire, recycled leather and rubber, acrylic paint

Roberta Bernabei “… his jewellery arises from the meeting of lines that delimit planes, interacting with each other which at times highlight spaces which can be seen quite clearly, and at other times empty and filled spaces are seen to emerge … which at first are hidden … but are then revealed upon closer inspection”.

Alba Cappellieri “The references of his latest works are, as he says: ‘dumps, abandoned building sites, demolished quarters, industrial waste, run-down warehouses full of contorted and rusty wrecks, bituminous or concrete colour surfaces and decomposed plastic’.”

Brooch: Untitled 2010 Brass, plastic, corrugated cardboard, iron, acrylic paint

Ring: Restricted area 2010 Brass, acrylic paint



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