Works for this project

Debbie Adamson / Hanna Hedman

A shortlist of works for the project so far (the final cuts for each show)

The National Gallery, Christchurch, August 2012

Debbie Adamson necklaces for the show. “Carvings from the rubber tree”. Rubber. 2012


Toi Poneke Gallery, Wellington, January 2012

Masterworks Gallery, Auckland. December 2012.

White pods necklace, 2011. Powdercoated copper, white rubber.

Black pods necklace, 2011. Powdercoated copper, black rubber.

2 brooches I made for the Masterworks edition of Handshake

Title: So we grew together and moved apart

Artist statement:

 I once heard that we can get to know ourselves through the things we make. I think this process is never ending, and my work is part of that journey.Sometimes methods can be testing or challenging, but the reward is that you cancontinue to grow from them. This is how I approach my practice.

Thesepieces are siblings in my family of recent works. They are a playfulexploration into my identity as a twin, and began life as drawings – doodles inmy journal inspired by genetics and biology. Translated into metal, they havebecome composites of shape, form, and texture. Using a methodology borrowedfrom Hanna (my mentor), elements are constantly being rearranged andreconfigured. Each piece belongs to a pair, but none are alike, and while somemove closer together, others stand apart. There is comfort infamiliarity and likeness, but difference is defining.

New Zealand Jewellery show, 2011.

Debbie Adamson

Studio 2017, Sydney. August 2011

‘So we gre together’ series of works. Paired necklaces and brooches. Powdercoated copper, rubber, cotton, ryon and steel. 2011

Debbie Adamson

Title: So we grew together

Artist statement:

These pieces are a family of siblings. They come from both worlds – Hanna’s and mine. Toying with Hanna’s methodology, I drew from my experience as a twin. Imagery of genetics quickly developed into biological and organic composites of shape, form and texture. While connected to one another, each piece goes out into the world on its’ own.


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