About Sharon Fitness

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My work revolves around the act of wearing; the feelings and impulses you have wearing, the reactions and comments you receive wearing and all the thoughts and motions that float in between.

When I am making my main focus is how blobby and wobbly and attention grabbing the piece will be; to optimise wearing and viewing interactions.

Represented by:

The National in Christchurch, Fingers & Masterworks in Auckland, Avid in Wellington and Lure in Dunedin, New Zealand.


http://subliminalinfiltrations.blogspot.com, http://broachofthemonth.blogspot.com, http://BOMmasterworks.wordpress.com

I am a founding member of the Auckland Jewellery Geeks.

Attended the Emerging Jewellers Bootcamp at Ashley Gorge, 2011.

Awards & Achievements:

– Contemporary Jewellery Finalist for the Regal Castings Jewellery Awards at the New Zealand Jewellery Show, Auckland, 2009.

– Artists Alliance Mentor Programme, 2008.

– MSVA – Artists Alliance Award and Fingers Contemporary Jewellery Award, 2007

– Bachelor of Visual Arts, University of Auckland at Manukau School of Visual Arts, 2007

Selected Exhibitions:

February 2011: Objectspace, Ponsonby: “The Art of Engagement” group match of 15 Kiwis vs 14 Australians refereed by Raewyn Walsh and Kristin D’Agostino.

May 2010: Taupo Museum, Taupo: “Magpie: new adventures in jewellery” group show of 24 emerging and established New Zealand jewellers curated by Tim Walker.

July 2009: SOFA basement, Christchurch: “The Multitude” group show curated by Karl Chitham and Caroline Billing. Warwick Freeman, Alan Preston, Anna Wallis, Octavia Cook, Andrea Daly, Fran Allison, Elfi Spiewack, Sharon Fitness, Renee Bevan, Mary Curtis, Ross Malcolm, Shelley Norton, and Pauline Bern.

July 2009: The New Zealand Jewellery Show at Sky City, Auckland: “Handstand: Unfamiliar and Innovative Contemporary Jewellery” group show of emerging artists curated by Peter Deckers.

Sep 2008: Masterworks Gallery, Ponsonby: “Weeds Invites” group show. A collaborative exhibition with Fran Allison, Andrea Daly, Shelly Norton, Lisa Walker and invited guests: Sharon Fitness, Rose-Anne Bartley, Renee Bevan and David Bielander.

January 2008: Objectspace, Ponsonby: “Best in Show” group show. Fifteen graduate students selected from seven New Zealand Art and Design School graduate shows, curated by Matt Blomeley.

January 2008: Light Square Gallery, Adelaide: “Graduate Metal X1 Exhibition” group show. Exhibition of 90 emerging jewellery/object artists from the Asia/Australasia/Pacific region as part of the biennial JMGA Conference in Adelaide 25-28 January 2008.

Why I chose Lisa?

Apart from being a constant inspiration just because she was a New Zealander doing fabulously well in Europe, her work frequented my visual diaries throughout art school.  We share an appreciation of googley eyes and making unusual things that challenge peoples perception of what jewellery is.

Lisa Walker got me through my last two weeks of art school.  I was completely drained; physically, emotionally and contextually dehydrated.  I had done enough for a mellow puff and just had to organise my space: put up walls, paint the launchpad and build a seven metre long plinth.

One night I picked up the yellow book for some distraction:

“You just gotta go blah, fuck, and then some good things can start to happen”

“This is really making jewellery. This is really falling slap bang into the jewellery issues, but in my own way that I still find bloody exciting”

Blah, fuck and bloody exciting indeed! With a new burst of energy I sprang into action and made some really cool things – free and random things that really enhanced my previous works and tied the show together nicely. I even made a theoretical brooch with sheep and a farmer.

– the conceptual bracelet and sheeps “brooch”, 2007

In some other book that I cant find now she had talked of her son Max painting a conceptual bracelet on his arm. I realised I had made one of those accidentally a few weeks before.

The ‘conceptual bracelet’ conveniently summed up my whole years work.  Not particularly wearable at all really but they could be if you engaged your imagination.

Yay for Lisa Walker and your blah fuck attitude to making.

You rock.


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