The Very Official Handshake Raffle Draw with Alan Preston and The Geeks

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Thank you so much to all our supporters who bought a raffle ticket.  The raffle draw was conducted by Super New Zealand Jeweller Alan Preston, closely supervised by The Geeks and Sharon & Joey’s cat Scooter.  After a flurry of checking and cross checking ticket numbers, the organising crew was gathered and the raffle was finally ready.

Sharon Fitness dutifully presented the pot holding the names of the makers and the shoe box held the lucky ticket numbers.  We had all done the math and were counting on our 1 in 97.5 chance per ticket of winning a wonderful prize!

Alan  had the room in stitches when he took the roll of raffle picker to a new level of performance art.  Never were two prizes drawn in the same manner. There was drama, spinning and suspenseful pauses – Alan concealed the picks from the audience until we squirmed with anticipation and shouted for more!!!

Congratulations to all our winners!

Ticket Number/Handshaker Prize in the order they were chosen:

0007/Kristin, 1910/Gillian, 1843/Lynsay (Right), 0970/Jhana, 0888/Jessica, 1366/Karl, 0922/Becky, 0952/Neke, 1551/Sharon, 0308/Lynsay (Left), 0260/Debbie, 1401/Peter, 1334/Sarah, 1482/Nadene

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